A Breakthrough System for Successful, Stress-Free Buying and Selling

Real Estate San Francisco


FOR THE BUYER/SELLER: While working with a realtor to find your new home, you may face inevitable personality clashes, frustratingly limited communication and opposing perspectives. However, working with Paula Pagano is like working with your closest friend or family member – someone you love and trust, who will always keep your best interests at heart.

ON HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE AGENT: I promise you will find what you want here! Real Estate is a fascinating field in many ways, especially due to its unique mix of the objective and subjective. There is the reality of the marketplace itself at any given moment in time, and then there’s the strong emotional connections people understandingly feel with their property. Your job is to bridge the gap between the two so that everyone comes out a winner.

THE BOOK: Getting the Property SOUL’D details Paula’s initially unlikely foray into real estate and the arduous and ultimately rewarding journey she took to get to where she is today. With her singular voice, her lively (and sometimes shocking) anecdotes, and no-holes-barred attitude, Paula gives you an insider’s view that’s sure to shatter any preconceived notions you might have had about the real estate industry. After reading this book, homeowners, home-seekers and home-sellers alike will walk away with a fresh perspective on one of the country’s most unpredictable and exciting professions.

A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: Though Paula’s career is based in San Francisco Real Estate, she has been fortunate to travel and work in Europe, Indonesia, Australia and Africa. Her travels have given her a wide-angle perspective on life, and had a great impact on her values and vision–which she puts to good use to enrich  her clients and mentor new realtors.  Paula attributes her real estate success to her business  experience, enthusiasm, integrity and an indomitable willingness to see the positive in all situations. If you work with Paula, she will be “Bringing You Home” in no time!