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Ode to Corona

Dear Clients and Friends:

This corona virus has had an impact on us all. Personally, I like to look at our Sheltering in Place as a global reset and hope when we come out the other side we are wiser, more compassionate and better people. A colleague of mine wrote the following poem which I found inspiring and hope you do too.

Also remember I am here if you need anything.

Warm Regards,

Paula Pagano

Ode to Corona

Last week what if I had told you would be one of 100 million people
told to stay home in the US. Would you have believed me?


Top Tips for the Next Two Weeks

Corcoran Global LivingLet’s face it: we’ve never had this type of challenge before. So how do we all get through the lock down and still continue with a high quality life?

Here’s a few ideas:

what to do over the next two weeks during quarantine

Take walks, and enjoy nature and the beautiful architecture our city offers. Now we have the time to smell the flowers! You can even do this with friends if you stay six feet apart.


Why Downsizing Your Home May Be the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

downsizing your homeDeciding to move is already an emotional process, but throw in the fact that you’re considering downsizing and it’s likely to add an extra element of anxiety to the mix. But considering we’re living larger in the U.S. by an upwards of approximately 1,000 square-feet since 1973 — and space per person has doubled — you’ve got to ask yourself, how much space do you really need? There are several benefits that come with moving into a smaller abode, and once you become privy to them, you won’t even think twice about packing those boxes. (more…)

Experienced Real Estate Agents Are Balanced

Experienced Real Estate Agents Are Balanced

Take time for yourself

Managing Emotions is key

Selling Real Estate Is A Balancing Act

As an experienced real estate agent, I have learned many a hard lesson, and now believe that one of the secrets of being successful in real estate is managing your emotions.  Real estate, especially San Francisco real estate, is tough, because it is the biggest investment people make.  The seller wants more money than is warranted by the market and the buyer wants a bargain.  Being mostly Sicilian with some Irish and Mohawk Indian, I am an expert on emotions.  What I learned on my road to success is that you need to be balanced, and to be balanced you need to take care of yourself. (more…)

San Francisco Real Estate Pre-Emptive Offers

Motivated Real Estate Buyers

San Francisco Real Estate Negotiation Skills are vital

Too Many Real Estate Buyers

Buying real estate when there are too few listings can be a challenge! When the market has many buyers chasing too few real estate listings it gets crazy. First, listing agents want to set a specific time for presentation of all offers, so as to create a competitive atmosphere. Second, assertive buyers’ agents attempt to present an offer ahead of the specified time, to try to get their buyers offer accepted. This type of real estate negotiating is called “a pre-emptive offer”.

If a buyer really wants a property and we have several days before the offer date, I ask “Do you want me to try to present ahead of the scheduled offering date?” Most real estate buyers say yes. I explain this may be a far reaching goal, but we have nothing to lose, except for the Seller saying No. It reminds me of a situation which recently happened. (more…)

Real Estate Listings: Let Photos Take Center Stage

Real Estate Seller

San Francisco real estate listings: realize the visual is most important

San Francisco Real Estate Listings: Realize The Visual Is Most Important

But that is probably true all over the country. We live in a very visual culture. Ever since we were children reading picture books, our eye has been trained to focus on the graphic and the colorful. Why, then, are there so many subpar photographs in real estate listings nowadays?

Recently, I was working with a Real Estate Seller who wanted to list his San Francisco condo. It was a classic 1920s flat with beautiful crown molding and brand new remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. This seller was very strong-willed though and, unfortunately, ill-informed. He insisted on not spending a little bit extra to have his property “staged.” (more…)

The Competitive San Francisco Real Estate Market

The Competitive San Francisco Real Estate Market

San Francisco competitive real estate market

Looking for San Francisco Real Estate Sellers

So How Do You Succeed  In The Competitive San Francisco Real Estate Market When There Are Too Many Real Estate Buyers And Not Enough Sellers?


Well, strange business practices develop in San Francisco real estate which do not occur in other areas of the country and whether you are a Buyer or Seller you need to understand these practices.