Inspirational Influences

A Catered Event for my friends and clients with Chef Alfred Schilling. After 6 years of hard work my nephew now defends his thesis
for his doctorate in Astrophysics - Rocket Science.
After closing a 6 million dollar
deal we went celebrating.
Paula Pagano with an
American Heart Assn. Award
Another one of my mentors Barbara Corcoran. Biking at Lake Tahoe with Friends. Cashin Speak Celebrating Aunt Betty’s 100th
Birthday with Dad and
my sister Beth.
Eleanor Roosevelt is such an inspiration. Exhausted after a hard week. Franklin Roosevelt, another inspirational leader. Getting ready to snorkel off
the Galapagos remembering
Darwin’s theory that the most
adaptable species are the
most successful (2)
Harveys, Need I say more? Like most salespeople I
love to travel and this profession
offers ample opportunities.